juni 13, 2010

I was out walking with the twins yesterday and decided to swing by one of Copenhagens more upscale galleries. This place is not much different from the rest of the galleries here, but having the twins along gave me an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. The Gatekeeper. The gallery is 4 steep […]

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juni 11, 2010

Photographer Bent Rej opened his exhibition of Rolling Stones photos at Martin Asbæk Gallery yesterday. Bent shot his photos of the Stones back in 1965-66 when they weren’t yet renowned as one of the worlds greatest rockbands. A few years ago I received 6 limited edition prints from this series as a gift. They now […]

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juni 10, 2010

I just got back to the studio after a few days of cash generation – teaching in the auditorium. This morning my throat felt sore from a cold, and all I could think of was getting some more sleep. It’s been raining for 3 days and it wasn’t looking any better today… But I had […]

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Arrival of the first print

juni 2, 2010

I had been waiting for days when finally on wednesday I could get my hands on the trial print of the new series based on the TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) painting that was originally shown at the Bottom Out exhibition last year. TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) I am pleased with the result, the […]

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My Space

maj 25, 2010

I moved into my new studio on April 1st. this year. It’s located in the Meat Packing district of Copenhagen. Some of the district is now inhabited by artists, and I have my studio in a shared space called “Slagtehus 40″ (Slaughterhouse 40) which opened only last summer. As a former slaughtery it’s a rough […]

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Back to Basics

maj 24, 2010

“Enough!” from Sketches By Carl Frederik Waage Beck I have been working on the upcoming limited edition prints today, setting up my favourite paintings in the studio, first photographing and then later retouching them in Photoshop. I am comfortable taking photos and will often bring my precious Canon 7D whenever I’m out on a trip […]

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Beauty in numbers

maj 20, 2010

I have been working on some sketches lately, trying to draw the perfect female face. I keep returning to the female body for inspiration, always something or someone new to paint and draw. The motif never gets old. To me at least. Some features just appeal to me. Maybe it’s some darwinian mechanism. Maybe I’ve […]

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Thesis theme

maj 18, 2010

Installation of Thesis 1.7 I finally did something I have been wanting to do for a long time – switch my wordpress theme to Thesis. The theme i used before (Pixeled) just didn’t allow me to take control over the look and feel of this site, but changing themes is not something you do everyday. […]

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We are at war

maj 17, 2010

“Burnt-out Humvee at Amalienborg Palace” from Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck I am thinking about the Danish soldiers in Afghanistan these days. Two separate events have fueled this. Danish Colonel Lars Møller published his book “we kill – and live with it” Danish documentary director Janus Metz’ Cannes screening of his Documentary titled “Armadillo” […]

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Escape the cubicle

april 29, 2010

“No more cubicles” from Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck When it comes to worklife, I figure there are 2 kinds of people: Type 1. Those that work the punch-in/punch-out job, and prefer it this way. Type 2. Those that work the punch-in/punch-out job, and want to leave and be their own boss but feel […]

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