Review: Matthew Stone and Asger Carlsen at the V1 gallery

april 19, 2010

Now is the time for all you fine art photography buffs to swing by the V1 Gallery in Copenhagens very own MEPA district – Kødbyen. V1 is hosting a joint exhibition of works by two up and coming artists that both have an eye for the human form. As the press material states, Matthew Stone […]

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Working under constraint

marts 31, 2010

“Working under constraint” from Sketches By Carl Frederik Waage Beck So your boss gives you an assignment – 1. “I need something, on my desk, whenever you feel like it” 2. “I need a presentation, on my desk, whenever you feel like it” 3. “I need a 5 slide presentation, on my desk, whenever you […]

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Life on the edge

marts 20, 2010

Given the choice between receiving 5 dollars with certainty OR receiving a free lottery ticket with a 1/1000 chance of winning 5000 dollars, which would you choose? Given the choice between paying 5 dollars in parking fee OR risking a 1/1000 chance of paying a parking fine of 5000 dollars, which would you choose? Given […]

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Into the void

marts 17, 2010

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting on the blog during the last few weeks, well it’s because of the two little wonders Victor and Carla who are now sleeping like angels in the bedroom Which leaves me a few minutes to post the latest painting in a series of 3 that I did […]

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februar 16, 2010

My wife gave birth to a beautiful set of twins on friday February 5th. Victor and Carla are their names. We are in heaven these days, trying to get the little toddlers to eat and sleep. We are rewarded with cute little smiles and grunting sounds. Sleep is elusive but I can’t help smiling even […]

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HDR in the blizzard

februar 3, 2010

Here’s how being stuck in traffic sometimes spurs creativity. Monday evening I found myself on a plane towards the northern city of Ålborg where I had a teaching appointment on tuesday.  The ride was smooth, and while the news reported of a looming snowstorm I felt confident that I was going to make it back […]

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Long hours

januar 29, 2010

These days, there’s really not that much interesting to watch on television… I shot this video the other day: wondering what the famed Danish arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen would have spent his time doing during his trips up north. Remember, this was before the time of the Jedi… Knud now spends his days looking at […]

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The palace

januar 25, 2010

Dear friends, I was out shooting some HDR series the other day. Helps a lot having a proper tripod like the fabulous ones made by Gitzo. This shot is of the Palace cinema multiplex in Copenhagen. Home of many great movie experiences..ahhh. Enjoy! From Photography by Carl Frederik Waage Beck If you enjoyed this post, […]

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A note on color

januar 15, 2010

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Creative Non Disclosure and speedpainting a naked woman.

januar 14, 2010

I was watching an artist being interviewed on Danish television DR2 the other day. The host started asking questions about technique and how the artist creates his work. This was all good up until a certain point when the artist had to stop the host. He simply would not answer any more questions about his […]

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