Leaving Copenhagen

Image of the playhouse in the yard
Moving to a real house

I live with my wife Anne and our two kids Victor and Carla in the area of Copenhagen called Frederiksberg. We’ve been living here since before the twins were born which is to say since december 2008. The kids were born in february 2010. Frederiksberg suits us perfectly – it has lots of parks and green areas, plenty of great restaurants and shops and most important it’s CENTRAL. We have a direct view of the Forum metro station from where trains run every other minute to the old city core as well as the airport. The Copenhagen lakes nearby make a great scene for jogging.

Anne and I have a history of nomadism – we’ve lived in 6 different apartments in the past 6 years. So when we finally bought our apartment in Frederiksberg we were intent on staying a bit longer than usual, maybe 3-5 years.

Enter the twins…
The place is getting increasingly crammed as toys, laundry and gadgets claim space. It’s alright as long as the kids can’t walk, but soon they’ll be all over the place if we don’t act. A garden and a larger tub-fitted bathroom now seem indispensable.

So we decided to yank up the tentpoles and put the apartment on the market.
It took a bit of research and meeting with different real estate brokers, but in the end we decided to go with the “Home” brokers. Not because they offerered a lower fee, but because they’d sold 2 apartments in our block within the past 4 months. They know their game and we’d like to get moving.

The ad came online yesterday at Home. Check it out if you’re in the market for 93sq. meters in Frederikberg

We aren’t yet sure where we’re going, but given our need for more space and the current real estate market, we’ll probably end up somewhere outside of Copenhagen.

If possible, I plan on setting up a studio in the basement. It’s cheaper than paying for a studio in the city and I can work whenever I want. Not bad when time is the finite resource.