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Carl Frederik Waage Beck

Welcome to Paintshooter, my name is Carl Frederik Waage Beck.

I started this blog because I wanted a way to share my art and connect with my audience and collectors. Blogs are insanely powerful for sharing information and learning points, so I hope you’ll join in and share your thoughts. Another way you can stay tuned is to subscribe to my newsletter “Paintshooter Studionotes” by submitting your email here. I will never provide your email address to anyone. Period.

Comments are pure goodness!
So please leave a comment after a post and tell the community what you think. You can also leave a link to something that you find relevant to the subject, but remember to play nice – no spamming please.
The more you contribute – the better this blog gets for everyone else.

If you want to get in contact with me then please drop me an email at: info@paintshooter.dk

You can also find my courses on business and online marketing over here:

Online Marketing

Best regards, Carl

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