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Fairy tales

august 11, 2010

I went exploring in Kings Gardens the other day, and found a nice view of the castle Rosenborg built by King Christan IV in 1606-1607. Today it houses the crown jewels and the nearby barracks of the royal life guard. Go see for yourself! If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my […]

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9-11 revisited

august 9, 2010

I took the opportunity the dig out some old footage from NYC the other day. It’s a documentary series shot on 9-11 and the following days. The photos were shot on my trusty old Canon APS camera and I haven’t done much but applying some levels and curves in photoshop to try and counter the […]

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Waiting in line

august 7, 2010

Yesterday afternoon i was out strolling with the kids in the pram and happened to pass by the gardens of the danish university of agriculture. A cafe has been set up in an old derelict greenhouse. I decided to have a local pilsner in the shade while the kids slept. Of course they woke up […]

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august 2, 2010

Staying together doesn’t just happen. It takes an effort to combat the threats that lurk in the corner. Whether external or internal, they still need to be fought. Mundane issues become problems, questions become accusations, insecurity becomes certainty. When it works, everything is rosy, when it doesn’t – hell. Cognition is what separates us from […]

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Depth of Field

juni 28, 2010

I’m using Rembrandt soft pastels for the new Pillory project. I like the dusty feel when I smear the color unto the canvas. Not like the greasy feel of traditional oil pastels. Soft pastels create a dry look, almost silky, making it hard to resist touching the canvas. I can blend the colors very easily […]

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Accessible and shallow?

juni 22, 2010

A friend of mine called and we agreed to go for a walk. We met up a Forum metro station just after lunch and decided to take a stroll around the Copenhagen harbour. On such a sunny day Copenhagen is a beautiful city. We soon got around to discussing city planning – why some parts […]

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Mirror Mirror 2

juni 18, 2010

The next piece in the Mirror Mirror series. Acrylic paint and watercolor on A3 sized Hahnemühle torchon paper. You can buy the piece here: Enjoy! If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!

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Mirror Mirror

juni 15, 2010

I’m getting fat. So my wife says. Sadly I have to agree, a belt of extra thickness has accumulated above the hem of my pants and I can’t wait to see it gone. Don’t worry, I won’t nausesate you with any imagery, I know my limits. I started a new series of watercolors of women […]

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juni 13, 2010

I was out walking with the twins yesterday and decided to swing by one of Copenhagens more upscale galleries. This place is not much different from the rest of the galleries here, but having the twins along gave me an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. The Gatekeeper. The gallery is 4 steep […]

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juni 11, 2010

Photographer Bent Rej opened his exhibition of Rolling Stones photos at Martin Asbæk Gallery yesterday. Bent shot his photos of the Stones back in 1965-66 when they weren’t yet renowned as one of the worlds greatest rockbands. A few years ago I received 6 limited edition prints from this series as a gift. They now […]

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