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Long hours

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on januar 29, 2010

These days,
there’s really not that much interesting to watch on television…

I shot this video the other day: wondering what the famed Danish arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen would have spent his time doing during his trips up north.

Remember, this was before the time of the Jedi…

Knud now spends his days looking at the Baltic sea from Skovshoved north of Copenhagen.
His statue was placed there in 1963.

Hava a look and enjoy ;o)

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Bornholm and the Knights templar

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on januar 10, 2010

I am a Copenhagen guy, but my roots are grounded in the sand of Skagen and Bornholm. These two locations are about as far distanced from each other as is possible within the tiny country of Denmark.

Bornholm has always played a large role in my life, and I continue to spend many vacations there.
I have yet to visit with a proper camera though!

The topography is unique by Danish standards, and as an Island it has historically played a key part for whoever wanted to secure control of the Baltic sea.
The northern tip of Bornholm is home to “Hammershus” – the largest castle-ruin in Northern Europe. Hammershus dates back to the beginning of the 13th century.
Hammershus and the other medieval buildings on Bornholm are by some believed to have been constructed by the Knights Templar.

Alongside Hammershus, 15 medieval churches were built. 4 of these are round and were purportedly used as astronomical observatories which were part of a larger geodesic experiment to calculate the curvature of the earth!

Check out more charts and graphs at

Remember these churches were built 400 years before the renaisance, which suggests that our present idea of the history of science might not be correct.

Dare to be thrilled by the ideas of Erling Haagensen on his website.

Todays painting depicting Nylars Rundkirke, is the second of the 4 round churches of Bornholm.


From Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck

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