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Creative Non Disclosure and speedpainting a naked woman.

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on januar 14, 2010

I was watching an artist being interviewed on Danish television DR2 the other day. The host started asking questions about technique and how the artist creates his work. This was all good up until a certain point when the artist had to stop the host. He simply would not answer any more questions about his method.

Why?” asks the host.

“Well, if I told you, you could just go home and copy my work” he replies.

Sure, there’s a craft in CREATING art, but chalking the value of your art up to some industrial secret seems sad.

Sure, anyone who wanted to spend their life praticing their craft so that they could be copying your work could do so, but to them I say – “Enjoy your life!”

So whats the secret about the value of art? The secret is that there is no secret. No one can copy your creative spark. A copy of Van Goghs sunflowers is well – a copy.

I got the feeling this artist was scared his art might lose its value if he told everyone how he made it.

Corporations often use so called Non Disclosure Agreements NDA’s to ensure that industrial secrets shared with business partners are not divulged to third parties. This makes sense since the value of a company rests on knowhow, patents etc.

Take The Coca Cola Company which fiercely protects the recipe for Coca Cola because this recipe is what makes Coce taste the way it does. What would happen if another company could claim that they make the exact same product?

Well obviously there is also the matter of branding, shaping the bottle etc., but clearly the value of the The Coca Cola Company would deteriorate.

What about artists then?

What happens when someone copies your method?

I hope you copy mine is all I’m sayin’

Enjoy this beauty as she emerges in 8x speed! Music by Bon Iver because his music is great. Go buy his album everyone. Seriously!

From Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck

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