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Election results: And the winner is…

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on juni 8, 2009

The results are in, and the winner of Saviour 2009 is…….. (drumroll) Barack Obama!!!
Below is a detailed view of the votes:

When I initially started thinking about the idea of making an election as part of the exhibition in Brorsons church, I had no idea that reality would catch up and highlight the importance of personal responsibility.
As the votes where being cast on this site and by many on May 28th at the reception in Brorsons, 60 Iraqi refugees where sheltering in the crypt and in the organ loft of the church.

Their presence reminds us all that even though we can elect leaders to guide us through the rough patches, we still all have an obligation to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

These words where repeated by Obama last thursday in Cairo. Maybe this is why so many voted for him.
Take the time to watch the whole speech. The words are spoken at 52:10.

Best regards, Carl

“The Colorful Statesman” from Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck

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How did it all go at Brorsons?

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on maj 29, 2009

Hi friends,

so yesterday was the big day at Brorsons, and I had a blast as did hopefully everyone else present. Thank you all for coming!!! This event would have been nothing without you :o)
Lots of friends and family showed up, as well as some people that were new to my paintings.

The end result of the vote is still to be tallied within the next few days as we are nearing sunday 7th of June. This day is also the day of the vote for the European parliament, so there is still a chance to cast your vote here on the blog in the right hand side of the screen!

One painting was sold: ” Can I have one More” (Angelina Jolie), for this I am truly thankful and humbled. So amazing to see the fruits of ones work bringing joy to other people.

“Can I have one More” (Angelina Jolie)

Due to the situation with the Iraqi refugees there was some coverage in DR1: “Jersild Live” did an interview with rector Per Ramsdal of Brorsons church and Birthe Rønn Hornbech – Minister for Refugees, Immigrants and Integration and for Ecclesiastical Affairs. Check it out here

Below is a short status video that Thorbjørn Hein did on his cellphone. Sorry english speakers, it’s in Danish. Thanks for the coverage Thorbjørn!

Best regards, Carl

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How to help 282 Iraqis while enjoying art and drinks

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on maj 22, 2009

Hi all,

I am happy to be able to tell you that the church council on monday decided to cooperate and let the 50 Iraqis stay in Brorsons Church.

This will not influence the reception in celebration of the “Frelservalg / saviour 2009″ exhibition being held on thursday 28th from 5 pm-8 pm. I hope to see you all!

Best regards.


Below is an excerpt from a support site that discusses why this action was taken and how you can contrbute.

The Danish government has signed a repatriation agreement with the Iraqi authorities, and will begin the dispatch of the 282 Iraqi asylum seekers, who have been living at Danish asylum centres for many years. We are a group of people who neither can, nor will tolerate the dispatches. For this reason we support the group of Iraqi people who have applied for asylum in “Vor Frue” (ed: now Brorsons) church in Copenhagen.

As citizens, we must take action, when the Danish authorities fail in protecting people who need protection.

Our demand is permanent residence, since:

  • Iraq is a country in war and chaos. Going back, the Iraqi risk their lives.
  • Denmark took part in starting the war in Iraq. We have a direct responsibility for the tragic situation, and for a situation where it has not been possible for the Iraqis to go back.
  • The Iraqis have wasted enough years. The Iraqi refugees have waited for up to 10 years in the centres. These have been years where they have been living in fear for their future. Years, where their children have grown up in Denmark. Years, where humans and minds have been worn out. We have to give them back their lives.
  • Previous dispatches have revealed that the Danish authorities send people back without taking any responsibility for their lives.

Who can take part? Anyone who can vouch for this statement and who wants to be part of ensuring permanent residency for the Iraqis.

Den danske regering har underskrevet en hjemsendelsesaftale med de irakiske myndigheder og vil påbegynde udsendelser af de 282 irakiske asylansøgere, der i mange år har siddet på danske asylcentre. Derfor bakker vi, en gruppe der ikke kan eller vil finde os i udvisningerne, op om den gruppe irakere, der har søgt asyl i Brorsons Kirke i København.

Når de danske myndigheder fejler i at beskytte mennesker, der har behov for det, må vi som borgere træde til. Den danske befolknings solidaritet er afgørende for irakernes mulighed for opholdstilladelse.

Vores krav er opholdtilladelse til irakerne fordi:

  • Irak er et land i krig og kaos. Irakerne risikerer døden ved at tage tilbage.
  • Danmark var med til at starte krigen i Irak. Vi har direkte medansvar for den tragiske situation, og for at irakerne ikke har kunnet rejse tilbage.
  • Irakerne har spildt nok år. De irakiske flygtninge har ventet i mange år – nogle mere end 10 år i centrene. År hvor de har frygtet for deres fremtid, hvor deres børn er vokset op i Danmark, hvor mennesker og psyker er slidt ned. Vi må give dem deres liv tilbage.
  • Tidligere udvisninger har vist at de danske myndigheder sender mennesker tilbage, uden at tage nogen for form ansvar for deres videre skæbne.

Hvem kan være med: Alle som kan stå inde for dette grundlag og vil være med til at sikre irakerne permanent opholdstilladelse.

اللجوء في الكنيسةـ اسمحوا للاجئين العراقيين بالبقاء

وقعت الحومة الدنماركية اتفاق ارجاع قسري للاجئين مع الحكومة العراقية، وتنوي المباشرة بارسال ٢٨٢ من طالبي اللجوء العراقيين، الذين بقوا في معسكرات اللجوء الدنماركية لسنوات طويلة. نحن مجموعة من الناس التي لا تستطيع ولا تحتمل الابعاد القسري هذا. ولهذا السبب نحن ندعم المجموعة العراقية التي طلبت اللجوء في كنيسة “سيدتنا العذراء” في كوبنهاكن.

كمواطنين دنماركيين يجب ان نقوم بما يلزم، حين تقدم الحكومة الدنماركية على عدم حماية الناس المحتاجين للحماية. ان مساندة الشعب الدنماركي حاسمة في امكانية حصول اللاجئين العراقيين على اقامة.

نحن نطالب باعطاء اقامة للاجئين العراقيين للاسباب التالية:

ـ العراق في حالة حرب وفوضى، والعراقيون يتعرضون لخطر الموت في حالة عودتهم

ـ كانت الدنمارك مع القوات التي ابتدات الحرب، ونحن نتحمل بذلك المسؤولية المباشرة لهذه الحالة الماساوية، وكذلك المسؤولية في ان العراقيين لا يستطيعون العودة


ـ لقد بدد اللاجئون العراقيون عدد كاف من السنوات، فقد انتظروا لسنوات طويلة، البعض اكثر من عشر سنوات، كانوا خلالها خائفين على مستقبلهم، وكبر خلالها اطفالهم في الدنمارك، التي سحق فيها الانسان وتدهورت حالته النفسية، لذا يجب علينا ان نعيد لهم حياتهم


ـ ان اجراءات الابعاد القسري السابقة اثبتت ان السلطات الدنماركية تعيد الناس قسريا، دون ان تتحمل اي نوع من المسؤولية حول مصيرهم بعدها.

من يمكنه ان يكون معنا:

كل من يستطيع ان يتبنى هذا المبدا، ويساند حصول اللاجئين العراقيين على اقامة دائمة

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Iraqis sheltering in Brorsons church: Morality vs. democracy

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on maj 18, 2009

Last night as I had finished writing up my invitation for the reception in Brorsons church on may 28th, I flicked on the news and discovered that approximately 50 Iraqis have sought shelter in the church.
The Iraqis have been denied asylum in Denmark, and are now fearing repatriation to Iraq.

A similar case occurred in 1992 when a number of palestinian refugees sheltered in Blågaards church which resides in the same church district as Brorson. This dragged on for several months, and resulted in politicians creating a special law granting them the right to stay in Denmark.

Traditionally Danish churches have chosen not to evict sheltering people.
The decision will be made tonight by the church board of which I became a member and vice chair only 6 months ago.

I see several conflicting issues in this case:

  • First of all I feel deeply with the sheltering families which are now fearing a return to a failed state that shows no promise of safety and comfort in the foreseeable future.
  • The decisions made by the Danish Parliament must be respected, or democracy disintegrates into lawlessness and anarchy.
  • Being responsible for Brorsons church I feel hijacked into a conflict that I do not wish to be a part of, even though I sympathize with the sheltering Iraqis and believe that the Danish state has failed in its handling of foreigh refugees.
  • In keeping with what I believe to be the duty of the church I will vote against evicting the Iraqis tonight.

I hope this situation can be resolved quickly to the benefit of everyone involved, and wish that the Iraqi refugees can have their case reevaluated on a more thorough investigation.

more on the news here:

Best regards, Carl

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