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How did it all go at Brorsons?

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on maj 29, 2009

Hi friends,

so yesterday was the big day at Brorsons, and I had a blast as did hopefully everyone else present. Thank you all for coming!!! This event would have been nothing without you :o)
Lots of friends and family showed up, as well as some people that were new to my paintings.

The end result of the vote is still to be tallied within the next few days as we are nearing sunday 7th of June. This day is also the day of the vote for the European parliament, so there is still a chance to cast your vote here on the blog in the right hand side of the screen!

One painting was sold: ” Can I have one More” (Angelina Jolie), for this I am truly thankful and humbled. So amazing to see the fruits of ones work bringing joy to other people.

“Can I have one More” (Angelina Jolie)

Due to the situation with the Iraqi refugees there was some coverage in DR1: “Jersild Live” did an interview with rector Per Ramsdal of Brorsons church and Birthe Rønn Hornbech – Minister for Refugees, Immigrants and Integration and for Ecclesiastical Affairs. Check it out here

Below is a short status video that Thorbjørn Hein did on his cellphone. Sorry english speakers, it’s in Danish. Thanks for the coverage Thorbjørn!

Best regards, Carl

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