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Disarming art: Using art as a force of change

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on juni 25, 2009

Dear friends,

This is the second painting in the series “Naked People” that I have set out to create during the next few months. While sticking to a motif that is universally understood and recognized, in this series I intend to explore the role of art and how art can be applied as a force of change.

Surely art can be used as a pretty piece to be hung on the wall above the couch. I’m sure many would agree that the lady to the right is a thing of beauty, but is that enough? There are conflicting emotions at work: on the one hand we enjoy beauty, on the other we shun “bad taste”. Hanging a Pirelli calendar in the livingroom would by some be considered bad taste, while a poster of Monet’s Nympheas signifies “good taste” in the absense of the cash to actually buy the real thing.

Few things are as disarming as the figure of a beautiful human body. Few things create more spontaneous conversation, and few things stick better in our memory.

Surely art can be something pretty to hang on the wall, but when art accomplishes to disarm us, create conversation and stick in our memory, we’ve come a long way.

Best regards, Carl

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