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Into the void

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on marts 17, 2010

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting on the blog during the last few weeks, well it’s because of the two little wonders Victor and Carla who are now sleeping like angels in the bedroom :)

Which leaves me a few minutes to post the latest painting in a series of 3 that I did find time (somehow miraculously) to make a the other day.

I have been working with some new ideas on perspective and these paintings are an effort to keep it neat and clean. No fuzzy throwing around with paint this time folks!

The inspiration for these paintings comes from my childhood memories of Lego ads. These ads were always showing a scene with a myriad of little legomen inhabiting a toyworld of plastic trees and houses. Everything was always clean and immaculate. Nothing left to chance.

So in a leap from what I have been doing previously, namely letting order emerge from disorder, portraits emerge from little random splotches of paint, I felt like tightening things up a bit.

The painting “Into the void”, is my take on what it means to reject 9-5 and embark on that creative journey that so many of us long for. It’s a crasy thing to do, no signposts, no safetynet, but what about the alternative?

The perception of risk changes according to your situation. In my case, what it took to get real about the art, was a kick in the ass and 6 months of pay. What do you need to take the leap?


Into the Void from Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck

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