Don’t start from scratch

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on februar 12, 2009

The best way to start is to have started already. Now how can we do this when we are staring at a blank page, or facing a white canvas? Or starting a new blog or building a webpage? Don’t start from scratch, build on something!

Garden Chair, from Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck

Now where does that something come from? You either created it already or go create it now. But do it without deliberation, do it using your intuition, do it spontaneously. Attack that pesky blank page with a stream of consciousness. Prime your canvas with colors . Write a post about yourself, put some pictures on your site.

Seth writes about sprinting. This way you get rid of your internal dialogue and avoid getting scared too!

Just do it and lose your ambitions- you can worry about those later.

The great thing about having something to build upon its that it makes it easier for you to keep going. Its OK now, you’ve ruined it already, it can only get better. Relax, don’t start from scratch.

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