Do your pArt!

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on februar 25, 2009

I was biking to my studio the other day on a typical danish cold winter afternoon.

That afternoon i had a gripping feeling – and the question: what am I going to produce today?
How will my “genius” manifest itself on this day?
Surely if I don’t produce some work of genius today, the whole world will call my bluff!

From Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck

Luckily that morning I had been fortunate to watch Elizabeth Gilbert give a presentation on Ted, and I was able to let some of the fear of failing go. See the clip below.

The thing is, a lot of the self induced stress disappears if I start to regard Art not as something that I create, but rather as something that happens by way of a GENIE, as long as I just do my part and show up in the studio.

- Hold on, this guy is getting a liiitle too esoteric here! A Genie in the studio?

The point here is just that the more I can disconnect my ego from what HAPPENS to end up on the canvas – the easier it is to handle the fact that not everything is “genius”.

The better I can handle that fact – the less daunting a task it seems. The less daunting – the more often I show up and the more OCCASIONS I create for a GENIE to visit the studio.

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