Which of these 7 people is your saviour?

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on marts 10, 2009

“Elect your saviour 2009″
From Sunday April 5th. at 10:30 am through Sunday June 7th. Brorsons Kirken (Brorsons Church) will open its doors for my exhibition titled “Elect your saviour 2009″ showing new portrait paintings of modern day saviour Icons – those self proclaimed as well as those idolicized by the public.

My intention with this exhibition is to provoke reflection on the notion of salvation. Who is your saviour? Is it Jesus? Is it Barack Obama or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Is it you or your neighbour?

Stay tuned on this blog for more exhibition-teasers and information.

You can cast your vote in this election by clicking the poll on the right side of this blog, or show up in Brorsons Church. Follow the vote by typing your email here or subscribe to my feed.

And remember to participate in the debate on who should win, by posting a comment below!

Below is a short description of each candidate:

Barack Obama – US president

Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Somali womenrights fighter

Christopher Hitchens – Antitheist

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Iranian president

Angelina Jolie – Actress

Jean-Claude Trichet – President of the European Centralbank

Warren Buffet – The worlds wealthiest man

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