What are you, patron or consumer?

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on april 23, 2009

The “elect your saviour 2009″ exhibition has now been open for a couple of weeks, and this being my first solo exhibition on sale, I can’t help but think about what it actually means to buy art.

I mean is art really that interesting in itself, or is it what art generates that is interesting?
I suppose there are many reasons why people buy art; to enjoy looking at it, to use it as a conversation starter, to reveal a belief one has, to impress friends, to support the cultural scene, to set the mood, to act as a reminder, etc. etc.

This is how art is used, and to me this is where it all gets interesting.
Is it fair to say that art buyers are consumers? or Patrons?

Who are you?

Dig deeper into these thoughts at gapingvoid where Hugh Mcleod shares his thoughts.

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