Never too late to celebrate: Mendelssohn 200 years old in 2009

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on december 2, 2009

Dear friends,

I know it’s getting late in the year, but having spent most of the tuesday evenings this fall rehearsing Mendelssohn psalms with the choir “Koncertforeningens kor” I just had to make a portrait of the man who was born on feb 3. 1809 and wrote his first symphony at the age of 12.

Hopefully this portrait will also appear as the cover of the soon to be released cd by “Koncertforeningens kor” directed by Steen Lindholm. Enjoy!
Best regards, Carl

From Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck

While you are waiting for the final mastering of the recording by “koncertforeningens kor” enjoy this video is by another scandinavian choir:

By the way, here’s what happens when you invert the colors of the painting :o)

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