HDR in the blizzard

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on februar 3, 2010

Here’s how being stuck in traffic sometimes spurs creativity.

Monday evening I found myself on a plane towards the northern city of Ålborg where I had a teaching appointment on tuesday.  The ride was smooth, and while the news reported of a looming snowstorm I felt confident that I was going to make it back to Copenhagen on my plane tuesday evening.  Not so wise as it turns out…  Most of Denmark has been bogged down in snow since tuesday afternoon.

Anyway I tip my hat to SAS and their kind staff for lodging me at the SAS radisson in Ålborg and checking me in on another flight wednesday morning instead.

Here’s when it gets juicy for all you HDR lovers. I was actually ready to go to bed at the hotel when I happened to cast a glance out the window…

There, moored at the quay was the Icebreaker Elbjørn in front of some makeshift ice skating rinks. I just could not resist this opportunity, so obviously I had to sneak up to the 6th floor of a service stairwell to find a suitable window from which to shoot a few handheld HDR series.

Here’s the result, 3 HDRs spaced 2 stops apart at f3,2 ISO 200 shot with my 35mm prime on a canon 7d. I did the tonemapping in photomatix and additional work in PS4 as well as adding some topaz adjust.


From Photography by Carl Frederik Waage Beck
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