Life on the farm

We have finally set up camp. Not only that, I have committed to start in a new position as the social marketing guy at destinationen. It’s the perfect crime – doing what I love and getting paid for it. What’s more, the product I’m selling … Continue readingLife on the farm

Bombing Fields

“Don’t take away My Saturdays”, 60×80 cm, acrylic and permanent marker on canvas, 2010, 6000 kr. The Internet is doing to galleries what a bomb would do to the Fields Mall. Sure, some brick and mortar stores still have relevance – much in the same … Continue readingBombing Fields

9-11 revisited

I took the opportunity the dig out some old footage from NYC the other day. It’s a documentary series shot on 9-11 and the following days. The photos were shot on my trusty old Canon APS camera and I haven’t done much but applying some … Continue reading9-11 revisited

We are at war

“Burnt-out Humvee at Amalienborg Palace” from Artworks by Carl Frederik Waage Beck I am thinking about the Danish soldiers in Afghanistan these days. Two separate events have fueled this. Danish Colonel Lars Møller published his book “we kill – and live with it” Danish documentary … Continue readingWe are at war

“Denied” – the story of the Iraqi Asylum seekers in Brorsons church

Dear friends, A few months ago I wrote a post called morality vs. democracy about the Iraqis asylum seekers that took refuge in Brorsons church on Nørrebro. By order of the Minister for Refugees, Immigrants and Integration and for Ecclesiastical Affairs, Birthe Rønn Hornbech, the … Continue reading“Denied” – the story of the Iraqi Asylum seekers in Brorsons church