The lure of big business

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on oktober 4, 2009

I am thinking back at my time in business school, and the roadshows given by big corporations to ensure a steady supply of young applicants.

The HR policy of big business seems to be based around a concept similar to the game show Survivor:

1. Establish a reputation for excellence and competitiveness.

2. Rely on a global and prestigious brand.

3. Hire 3-4 times the number of fresh business school graduates needed.

4. Haul the newly hireds through 100+ hour workweeks doing mindnumbing tasks.

5. Weed out those with too much selfish desire to have a life.

6. Promote those that are still loyal to the company.

Repeat as needed.

Sideeffects include: wrecked family life, acute stress disorder, corrupt corporate leadership.

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