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Leonora Christina ankommer til Rønne

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on juni 10, 2011

Jeg havde fornøjelsen af at bevidne Leonora Christinas første indsejling i Rønne havn her til morgen.
Tillykke Bornholm, måtte den nye færge bringe masser af glade turister til øen!

Leonora Christina ankommer til Rønne havn from Carl Frederik Waage Beck on Vimeo.

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Life on the farm

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on marts 26, 2011

Springtime on Bornholm

We have finally set up camp. Not only that, I have committed to start in a new position as the social marketing guy at destinationen. It’s the perfect crime – doing what I love and getting paid for it. What’s more, the product I’m selling is the island I love – Bornholm.

Bornholm has had a tough time ever since the primary industry, fishery, shut down during the 80s. Several other major work places are now gone, tilemaking closed,  agriculture has become machine run. The population peaked at fifty some thousand after WW2, but is now around 43000 and diving.

Tourism accounts for just shy of 9% of the local economy and unemployment fluctuates wildly between winter and summer when most of the temp jobs are available.

Tourism, and its derived effects, is now one of the main job creators. Boosting tourism and attracting visitors is therefore one of the best ways of making the local economy grow organically. I’m proud to be a part of this mission, and I draw huge motivation from it.

What else could be done to boost Bornholm?
Take a look at the swedish island of Gottland. The Swedes have a better understanding of what it takes to sustain the outer rims of their country. Massive subsidies of transportation, mainly ferries, placement of higher education institutions have made it more attractive for businesses to settle and for high school graduates to stay put.

Sure help from parliament would be instrumental, but as they say, change starts from within. I’m going to work on April 4th.

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Time to relax

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on december 15, 2010

It has been busy here at world domination HQ, but today was one of those days when I had the chance to spend a few hours in front of my Mac and just sit for a while, think, review previous works and develop an idea of things to come.

The past months have been consumed by those little adoring monsters who wake us up at 6 am and demand food (oatmeal) pronto. I can’t say that I am completely coherent at that time in the morning, but I do manage to mix some milk and oatmeal a stick it in the microwave oven.

But things are about to change… We’re moving to the island of Bornholm, which is located on the far side of Sweden but nonetheless still belongs to the kingdom of Denmark. Our new home is on the sourthern tip of the island, very close to what I believe are some of the most amazing beaches in the world (bar the Maldives etc..)

Probably one of the best beaches in Europe

The Sand in Dueodde is so fine it creates dunes as it flies around.

Another major change is the fact that the twins are due to start in nursery in january which will free up a lot of creative time for my wife and I. So be prepared for an increase in the frequency of updates here on the blog.

Extra time also means I’ll have more time in the studio which I am planning on building in one of the barns (yes barn! – as in: “we bought a big farm built around a square”) , and expanding to a gallery later this summer. It’s the perfect setup, since I’ll have all of my critical facilities at home and at the same time the ability to showcase the work of myself and others.

Very soon the tiny town of Snogebæk will have it’s own cultural powerhouse, so if you’re visiting the island don’t forget to swing by us and get your daily fix of art.

In the meantime it’s Time to relax…

"Time to Relax" watercolour on A3 sized Hahnemuller torchon paper.

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Bombing Fields

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on september 30, 2010

“Don’t take away My Saturdays”, 60×80 cm, acrylic and permanent marker on canvas, 2010, 6000 kr.

The Internet is doing to galleries what a bomb would do to the Fields Mall.
Sure, some brick and mortar stores still have relevance – much in the same way real world art shows still make sense. But galleries are doomed to lose their role as gatekeeper for the artist as well as the collector. Artists will find ways to host their own shows as oneoffs with established galleries or in empty storefronts. Paying the rent creates a need for cash upfront, but control and sales income remain with the artist.

As an artist, it more and more looks like a losing deal to surrender 50% of sales in return for hapless marketing and real estate on a physical gallery wall. Smart artists around the globe are now using their tech skills to connect directly with collectors as well as establish a permanent online record of their artistic activities. Instead of leaving a printed resume in a pile of similar ones at the gallery, Blogging is a powerful tool for documenting and communicating the artistic journey.

The balance of power is shifting back towards the artist and the collector. In this relationship the brand of the artist becomes everything as he performs to the dispersed audience of thousands of individuals.

But about the painting above – this is the next one in the lineup from the series “War is Coming Home” featuring scenes of war in our home country. What happens in the aftermath of terror? People stay home… Denmark is increasingly finding itself in the top of the list when terrorists want to make a statement. Maybe it’s time to rethink our foreign policy…

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Accessible and shallow?

by Carl Frederik Waage Beck on juni 22, 2010

A friend of mine called and we agreed to go for a walk.
We met up a Forum metro station just after lunch and decided to take a stroll around the Copenhagen harbour. On such a sunny day Copenhagen is a beautiful city. We soon got around to discussing city planning – why some parts of the city become popular and why some just don’t.

“Ørestaden” is a newly built part of Copenhagen that used to be a desolate field on the island of Amager. That was before they built the Bridge of Øresund connecting Denmark and Sweden. At the time the idea behind Ørestaden was to create a huge area of urban dwellings for the growing population of the combined Copenhagen/Malmö region.
And so they built. Each new housing project more ambitious than the next. Each architect had his own idea of a magnificent building. Every square meter of allowed retailspace was jammed together in “Fields” – The largest shopping mall in Scandinavia. No cafes, no restaurants, no cosy little places to hang out. No-one thought about the urban area as a whole and what it takes to create what James Kunstler calls a place worth caring about.

Sadly Ørestaden now looks to become yet another ghetto. It’s simply not a place that anyone want’s to visit because it doesn’t speak to us. It’s bleak and inaccessible. From an architectural standpoint many of the buildings in Ørestaden are succesful. VM bjerget – “Mountain Dwellings” is an example of this, having won 4 international awards. Blame it on the recession, but apartments in VM -bjerget are now being offered for rent at reduced prices.

Art has many of the same characteristics as architecture, Not coincidentally the Danish School of Architecture is housed in the Royal Academy of Arts. So what makes some art more popular than other? Technical prowess, Depth, Originality, Visual aesthetics? Art may possess all these qualities yet still not hit home with the audience.

Whether we like it or not, the brand of the artist as well as the accessibility of his work is a deciding factor.
I feel comfortable owning a piece by an artist whose story and background I know, whose reputation is well known in general, whose art appeals to me and is easily accessible.
Does accessible mean that the art is shallow and has no depth? Ask David Hockney

The value of art has historically been closely linked to the story of the artist.
The new paradigm of art is really not new at all – The artist is responsible for maintaining and increasing the value of his art. Though storytelling, through promotion and any other means possible.

I am committed to this task, blogging is just one tool.
Enjoy todays Mirror Mirror (top).
Buy it here:

Mirror Mirror 3
Mirror Mirror 3
Signed original artwork: Acrylic paint and watercolor. A3 sized archival 285 gsm Hahnemühle Torchon paper.

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juni 13, 2010

I was out walking with the twins yesterday and decided to swing by one of Copenhagens more upscale galleries. This place is not much different from the rest of the galleries here, but having the twins along gave me an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. The Gatekeeper. The gallery is 4 steep […]

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My Space

maj 25, 2010

I moved into my new studio on April 1st. this year. It’s located in the Meat Packing district of Copenhagen. Some of the district is now inhabited by artists, and I have my studio in a shared space called “Slagtehus 40″ (Slaughterhouse 40) which opened only last summer. As a former slaughtery it’s a rough […]

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Top 5 easy ways to stay physically fit in your 9-5 deskjob

oktober 18, 2009

I don’t believe in 9-5. That is, I don’t believe in the traditional way 9-5 is carried out: You get in at the desk, turn your computer on, while it boots up go grab some coffee next to the water cooler, sit down at your desk, work, eat lunch and work at the desk, work, […]

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A year after Lehman: How to nail the job

oktober 8, 2009

Unemployment among new Danish graduates has tripled since last year. And now I know people that are feeling the job-market effects of last falls decision to let Lehman Brothers fail. The jobmarket is impossible with hundreds of applicants for each advertised job. Another strategy is to apply for those open positions that aren’t advertised. Unsolicited […]

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Waiting for friday, retirement, life etc.

oktober 6, 2009

I think one of the fallacies of 9-5 is that we are “saving up” for the real life. I used to cringe whenever I heard someone say “I can’t wait till friday” in my old job. Even worse when I was occaionally lured into the choir of: “When I turn 40 I’ll sell my company […]

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